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Cabling and Pinout Information

Cabling and Pinout Information

This appendix contains pinout information for CDDI A/B ports, CDDI adapter ports, concentrator master ports, and the optical bypass switch connector.

CDDI Cabling

MLT-3 is the new American National Standards Institute (ANSI) draft specification developed by Cisco Systems for compression of FDDI signals over UTP copper wire. Cisco Systems products that are upgraded to MLT-3 will interoperate with other vendors' equipment that complies with the draft standard.

Workgroup CDDI/MLT-3 installations require category 5 equipment throughout. Two types of category 5 modular cables--cross-connect and straight-through--are used to connect concentrators and adapters to the network. (See Figure E-1 and Figure E-2.)

Note MLT-3 equipment can only be connected to other MLT-3 equipment.

Figure E-1, Figure E-2, and Figure E-3, illustrate the EIA/TIA-568B wiring standard and CDDI transmit and receive pairs

Figure E-1:

Cross-Connect Cable Pinout

Figure E-2:

Straight-Through Cable Pinout

Figure E-3:
Patch-Panel Connections

Figure E-4 shows the location of straight-through and cross-connect cabling for CDDI installations. Note that the cross-connect cabling is used between the concentrator and the patch panel.

Figure E-4:
Straight-Through and Cross-Connect Cabling

Bypass Connector Pinouts

Figure E-5 shows the optical bypass switch connector pinouts.

Figure E-5: Bypass Connector Pinouts

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