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References and Recommended Reading

References and Recommended Reading

This appendix lists other documents that you might find helpful in your installation, troubleshooting, and management of the CiscoSecure Access Control Server (ACS) software.

CiscoSecure ACS 2.3 for UNIX Installation Guide

CiscoSecure ACS 2.3 for UNIX Release Notes

For more information about router software configuration, refer to the following publications for Cisco IOS Release 11.0 and earlier:

Configuration Builder Getting Started Guide

CiscoWorks for Windows Getting Started Guide

Internetworking Technology Overview

Router Products Configuration Guide

Router Products Command Reference

Troubleshooting Internetworking Systems (as needed)

For Cisco IOS Release 11.1 and later, refer to the following publications:

Configuration Fundamentals Configuration Guide

Configuration Fundamentals Command Reference

Network Protocols Configuration Guide

Network Protocols Command Reference

Remote Node and Terminal Services Configuration Guide

Remote Node and Terminal Services Command Reference

Wide-Area Networking Configuration Guide

Wide-Area Networking Command Reference

Standard Network Protocols Command Reference

Standard Network Protocols Configuration Guide

For more information about the protocol that helps govern CiscoSecure ACS software, refer to the following documents (not published by Cisco):

REGEXP.3 man page (UNIX SED man page)

RFC1334, PPP Authentication Protocols

RFC1661, The Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)

RFC2058 and RFC2059, RADIUS Protocol Definition

TACACS+ API Specification, Version 1.30

TACACS+ Protocol Specification, Version 1.58

TACACS+ Protocol Specification, Version 1.75


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