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Network Working Group V. Cerf Request for Comments: 157 UCLA NIC: 6762 12 May 1971 Invitation to the Second Symposium on Problems in the Optimization of Data Communication Systems One session of the Symposium on problems in the optimization of data communication networks is to be devoted to software for networks. I believe that the work on protocols (1st, 2nd, and 3rd level) and file transmission procedures are highly relevant. NWG participants should welcome the opportunity to inject their ideas into the published literature. Many NWG/RFC's already are in good enough shape for publication so don't hesitate to submit your drafts. Time is short, so prompt action is essential. ACM IEEE CALL FOR PAPERS SECOND SYMPOSIUM ON PROBLEMS IN THE OPTIMIZATION OF DATA COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS SIGCOMM of ACM and the Technical Committee on Commuter Communications of the IEEE Commuter Society are sponsoring the Second Symposium on Problems in the Optimization of Data Communication Systems to be held at Stanford University on October 20-22, 1971. The symposium will include the presentation of papers, panel discussions, and workshop sessions. The purpose is to bring together people engaged in computer communication system design, analysis, and research. The setting will be one where each participant can engage in a dialogue on problems of interest to him with his colleagues in the computer/ communications professional community. Papers are being sought in the following areas: Advances in Data Communication Networks Computer Communication Technology New Applications and Applications Models Software Organization for Communications Systems Modeling, Evaluation, Optimization Interface Problems and Standards Cerf [Page 1]
RFC 157 Invitation to the Second Symposium 12 May 1971 Full drafts: *may not exceed 5000 words *must include an informative abstract Detailed information will be supplied later concerning the find copy of accepted papers. Papers should be mailed to V. Cerf 3804 Boelter Hall UCLA Engineering Dept. 405 Hilgard St. Los Angeles, California 90024 213-825-4864 825-2368 NO LATER THAN JUNE 15, 1971 Notification of final approval to authors will be given by July 21, 1971. Camera-ready copy of text plus figures must be received by August 21, 1971. General information can be obtained by contacting the symposium chairman, P. E. JACKSON 23-434, Bell Telephone Laboratories, Holmdel, New Jersey 87733 telephone (201) 949-2231. [ This RFC was put into machine readable form for entry ] [ into the online RFC archives by Lorrie Shiota 7/01 ] Cerf [Page 2]