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0.2. Organization of This Book

This book is divided into six chapters and two appendixes.

Chapter 1, "The Simple API for XML", The Simple API for XML, orients you in terms of API alternatives, SAX history, software choices, and basic SAX functionality.

Chapter 2, "Introducing SAX2", Introducing SAX2, introduces the core technical details of SAX, showing the basic event producer and consumer APIs needed by almost all code that uses SAX.

Chapter 3, "Producing SAX2 Events", Producing SAX2 Events, focuses on producing SAX events, showing the rest of the parser APIs as well as several nonparser models for using SAX.

Chapter 4, "Consuming SAX2 Events", Consuming SAX2 Events, concentrates on consuming SAX events, showing the other event consumer interfaces (both core and extension), and exploring the SAX pipeline model in a bit more detail.

Chapter 5, "Other SAX Classes", Other SAX Classes, presents SAX helper classes that weren't yet presented, including legacy SAX1 support.

Chapter 6, "Putting It All Together", Putting It All Together, provides more extensive examples than the earlier chapters.

The two appendixes are reference material. Appendix A, "SAX2 API Summary", SAX2 API Summary, summarizes every class or interface in the API and should be a useful quick reference. Appendix B, "SAX2 and the XML Infoset", SAX2 and the XML Infoset, shows how the XML Infoset concepts map to SAX APIs and should be a useful reference when you need to determine which APIs to use to access particular structural data.

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