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B.11. Unparsed Entity Information Items

When unparsed entities are used, these information items are normally saved by applications during DTD processing (keyed by entity name) and then accessed on demand. Unparsed entities are used only with attribute values of type ENTITY or ENTITIES.






DTDHandler.unparsedEntityDecl(), name parameter

[system identifier]

DTDHandler.unparsedEntityDecl(), systemId parameter

This ID should be absolutized by the parser. However, some parsers have a bug here and don't absolutize this URI.

[public identifier]

DTDHandler.unparsedEntityDecl(), publicId parameter

Unparsed entities are not required to have public identifiers. When provided, this value is normalized.

[declaration base URI]


If a SAX parser provides a Locator, it may be used to determine the current base URI during parser callbacks. (xml:base does not apply.)

[notation name]

DTDHandler.unparsedEntityDecl(), notationName parameter


See the section on Notation Information Items. Locating notations is the responsibility of applications. It's best not to try accessing this property until all declarations have been processed.

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