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B.10. Document Type Declaration Information Item

This is a curious item in the Infoset, because it doesn't expose all the DTD information. In particular, it doesn't include any declarations (including the expected root element name) or comments in DTDs.

This information item starts with a LexicalHandler.startDTD() call and ends with a LexicalHandler.endDTD() call.




[system identifier]

LexicalHandler.startDTD(), systemId parameter

If the DTD includes an external subset, this is its system identifier. Note that this URI is not absolutized.

[public identifier]

LexicalHandler.startDTD(), publicId parameter

External subsets are not required to have public identifiers. When provided, this value is normalized.


See the section on Processing Instruction Information Items. Comments within DTDs are not part of the Infoset, and the few declarations that are included (notations and unparsed entities) are separated from the DTD.


This is the Document Information Item.

SAX2 exposes more information than the Infoset describes, though somewhat less than XML allows. Comments may be reported using the LexicalHandler. Element and attribute declarations, as well as external and internal entity declarations, may be reported using the DeclHandler.

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