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19.12. mod_deflate

This module implements an output filter (DEFLATE) that is used to compress content before it is sent to the client. This functionality can conserve network bandwidth and transfer time, but requires that the client be able to decompress the content it receives. Most browsers do not automatically handle compressed content. Apache 2.0 and up.


DeflateBufferSize size 

[server config, or within <VirtualHost>]

Specifies the fragment size in bytes that zlib should compress at one time.


DeflateFilterNote name 

[server config, or within <VirtualHost>]

Specifies the name of a note containing the compression ratio that is attached to the request for logging.


DeflateMemLevel value

[server config, within <VirtualHost>]

Sets an amount of memory zlib may use for compression. value is a number from 1 to 9. The default is 9.


DeflateWindowSize value

[server config, within <VirtualHost>]

Specifies the zlib compression window size. value is a number from 1 to 15. The default is 15.

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