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19.11. mod_dav

This module provides Apache functionality for WebDAV web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning. This is an extension to the HTTP protocol that allows for authoring, editing and managing resources on a remote web server. Apache 2.0 and up.

Enable WebDAV for specific directories by placing Dav on in directory subsections of httpd.conf. In the main part of the server config file, you must specify a server-writable file to be used as the DAV lock database with DavLockDB.


Dav on|off

[Within <Directory>]

Enables WebDAV methods to be used on files in the specified server location. You should also require user authentication to the affected files.


DavDepthInfinity on|off

[Within <Directory>]

Allows PROPFIND requests containing the header "Depth: Infinity". The default is off because this type of request could be used as a denial of service attack.


DavLockDB path

[server config]

Specifies the name (full pathname, without extension) of the lock file database that manages user access to DAV-enabled files.


DavMinTimeout time

[Within <Directory>]

Sets the minimum amount of time, in seconds, that a lock on a DAV resource will be held by the server.

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