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1.7. Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)

An important W3C activity that frequently escapes the notice of content developers addresses accessibility of web content by users with a variety of disabilities. The Web Accessibility Initiative (http://www.w3.org/WAI) publishes recommendations for both technology producers and content authors. Because overuse of DHTML techniques can render a site's content unavailable to users with mobility, vision, hearing, or reading disabilities, authors should be aware of the guidelines while a site or application is still in the design stage. In truth, many of the existing HTML, CSS, and DOM standards include features aimed at improving accessibility. Unfortunately, mainstream browsers tend to assign low priority to implementing them. Do not, however, consider that a license to abuse DHTML at the expense of a sizable potential audience for your content. In some countries, web sites representing organizations of legislated minimum sizes may be legally obligated to assure they are accessible to all visitors.

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