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Chapter 20. The Python DB-API


Module: MySQLdb

DB-API supports database-independent database access. The MySQL implementation of this API, MySQLdb, can be downloaded from http://dustman.net/andy/python/MySQLdb. It comes with a RedHat RPM Linux installer, a Win32 installer, and a Python script for other platforms. For those other platforms:

  1. Uncompress the .tar.gz file that contains MySQLdb using the commands gunzip FILENAME.tar.gz and tar xf FILENAME.tar.

  2. Change directories into the newly generated MySQLdb directory.

  3. Issue the command: python setup.py install.

The MySQLdb module contains the standard DB-API methods and attributes as well as several proprietary methods and attributes. Proprietary APIs are marked with asterisks.

20.1. Module: MySQLdb

The entry point into the MySQL module is via the MySQLdb.connect( ) method. The return value from this method represents a connection to a MySQL database that you can use for all of your MySQL operations.

20.1.4. Connection Methods

20.1.6. Cursor Methods

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