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Part V. Advanced Technologies

Part V, "Advanced Technologies" provides overviews of key technologies that allow implementation of advanced features in web sites.

Chapter 28, "Introduction to JavaScript", provides a general introduction to JavaScript as well as a number of templates for creating popular effects such as event handlers, browser-detection, and status-bar messages.

Chapter 29, "Introduction to DHTML", provides a basic overview of Dynamic HTML and related concepts.

Chapter 30, "Introduction to XML", briefly introduces XML (Extensible Markup Language) and explains why it is significant.

Chapter 31, "XHTML", reviews the differences and similarities between HTML 4.0 and XHTML.

Chapter 32, "WAP and WML", begins with a brief introduction to WAP and application development. The second half of the chapter focuses on WML and how it works, including a summary of the elements and attributes in the current WML specification.

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