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Part II. Authoring

Part II, "Authoring" focuses on HTML tags and their use. Most chapters begin with a listing of available tags with short descriptions (for easy access), followed by more detailed explanations and practical advice for their use.

Chapter 8, "HTML Overview", gives a detailed introduction to HTML syntax, including how to specify color and special characters.

Chapter 9, "Structural HTML Tags", lists the tags used to establish an HTML document and structure its contents, including settings that control or pertain to the whole document.

Chapter 10, "Formatting Text", lists all tags related to the formatting of text elements in an HTML document.

Chapter 11, "Creating Links", lists HTML tags related to linking one document to another, including imagemaps.

Chapter 12, "Adding Images and Other Page Elements", focuses on the tags used for placing objects such as images, rules, or multimedia objects on a web page.

Chapter 13, "Tables", provides everything you'd ever want to know about tables, including a list of table-related HTML tags, troubleshooting tips, and templates for popular table structures.

Chapter 14, "Frames", covers the structure and creation of framed documents, including explanations of frame-related HTML tags, as well as tips and tricks.

Chapter 15, "Forms", lists all tags related to form creation and provides an introduction to working with CGI scripts.

Chapter 16, "Specifying Color in HTML", covers the two methods for specifying colors in web documents: RGB values and color name.

Chapter 17, "Cascading Style Sheets", describes how to use CSS to control presentation of HTML documents, including detailed explanations of available selectors, properties, and values. It also introduces CSS Level 2 features and provides tips for style sheet use.

Chapter 18, "Server Side Includes", provides an overview of Server Side Includes, including their capabilities and listings of the available elements and variables.

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