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9.3. Web Page Inventory

The content mapping process should result in the creation of an inventory of all web pages to be created. Depending upon the size and complexity of the web site and the process and technology in place for production, you can choose many ways to present this inventory. For larger sites, you can require a document management solution that leverages database technology to produce a workflow process that can determine a team approach to page-level design and editing. For simpler sites, you may create a Web-based inventory that presents the titles and unique identification numbers of each page for the site, such as that shown in Figure 9-6.

Figure 9-6

Figure 9-6. This Web Page Inventory presents the names and identification numbers of all pages to be created for the site. Selecting the hypertext linked numbers pops up another browser window that shows the appropriate web page.

You can create a web page inventory as soon as you have completed the content mapping process. Over time, it can serve as an inventory of pages that need to be created, an inventory of architectural page mockups that need to be designed, and an inventory of designed pages that need to be reviewed before integration into the web site.

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