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The CD

Linda Walsh
Production Editor
Ellie Cutler
Technical Development and Tools
Erik Ray
Graphics and Design
Ellie Volckhausen, Emma Colby
Production and Testing
Kate Briggs, John Chodacki, Julie Drouin, Paul LaBrier,
Chris Olson, Rebecca Maisch, Madeleine Newell
CD-ROM Search Engine
QuestAgent Pro version 4.0.9 from JObjects.

The Books

Web Design in a Nutshell
By Jennifer Niederst
Second Edition, September 2001

HTML & XHTML: The Definitive Guide
By Chuck Musciano and Bill Kennedy
Fourth Edition, August 2000

Designing Web Audio
By Josh Beggs and Dylan Thede
First Edition, January 2001

Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide
By Eric A. Meyer
First Edition, May 2000

ActionScript: The Definitive Guide
By Colin Moock
First Edition, May 2001

Information Architecture for the World Wide Web
By Louis Rosenfeld and Peter Morville
First Edition, February 1998

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