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0.4. Typographical Conventions

In order to indicate the various syntactic components of ActionScript, this book uses the following conventions:

  • Constant width for code samples, clip instance names, frame labels, property names, and variable names.

  • Italic for function names, method names, class names, layer names, filenames, and file suffixes such as .swf.

  • Constant width bold for code that you must type when following a step-by-step procedure.

  • Constant width italic for code that you must replace with an appropriate value (e.g., your name here) or for variable and property names referenced in a code comment.

  • Method and function names are followed by parentheses.

Pay special attention to notes set apart from the text with the following icons:


This is a tip. It contains useful supplementary information about the topic at hand.


This is a warning. It helps you solve and avoid annoying problems.

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