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0.2. The Code Depot

We'll encounter dozens of code samples over the upcoming chapters. To obtain relevant source files and many other tutorial files not included in the book, visit the online Code Depot, posted at:


The Code Depot is an evolving resource containing real-world ActionScript applications and code bases. Here's a selected list of samples you'll find in the Code Depot (you can download them individually or as a single .zip file):

  • A multiple-choice quiz

  • An XML-based chat application

  • A guest book application

  • A custom mouse pointer and button

  • An asteroids game code base

  • Programmatic motion effects

  • Demos of HTML text fields

  • Preloaders

  • String manipulation

  • Interface widgets, such as slider bars and text scrollers

  • Mouse trailers and other visual effects

  • Volume and sound control

Additionally, any book news, updates, tech notes, and errata will be posted at the preceding URL as well as on the book's web site.

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