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JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

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JavaScript Reference

Frame Object


Frame Object---a type of Window object


Navigator 2.0, Internet Explorer 3.0




Though the Frame object is sometimes referred to, there is, strictly speaking, no such object. All frames within a browser window are instances of the Window object, and they contain the same properties and support the same methods and event handlers as the Window object does. See the Window object, and its properties, methods, and event handlers for details.

There are a few practical differences between Window objects that represent top-level browser windows, and those that represent frames within a browser window, however:

  • When the defaultStatus property is set for a frame, the specified status message is only visible when the mouse is within that frame.

  • The top and parent properties of a top-level browser window always refer to the top-level window itself. These properties are only really useful for frames.

  • The close() method is not useful for Window objects that are frames.

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