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JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

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JavaScript Reference

Form.target Property


Form.target Property---the window for form results


Navigator 2.0; implemented but nonfunctional in Internet Explorer 3.0




target is a read/write string property of the Form object. It specifies the name of the frame or window in which the results of the submission of form should be displayed. The initial value of this property is specified by the TARGET attribute of the <FORM> tag. If unset, the default is for form submission results to appear in the same window as the form.

Note that the value of target is the name of a frame or window, not the actual frame or window itself. The name of a frame is specified by the NAME attribute of the <FRAME> tag. The name of a window is specified when the window is created with a call to the Window.open() method. If target specifies the name of a window that does not exist, then Navigator will automatically open a new window to display the results of form submission, and any future forms with the same target name will use the same newly created window.

Four special target names are supported. The target named "_blank" specifies that a new, empty browser window should be created and used to display the results of the form submission. The target "_self" is the default; it specifies that the form submission results should be displayed in the same frame or window as the form itself. The target "_parent" specifies that the results should be displayed in the parent frame of the frame that contains the form. Finally, the "_top" target specifies that the results should be displayed in the topmost frame--i.e., that all frames should be removed, and the results should occupy the entire browser window.

You can set this property in Internet Explorer 3.0, but doing so will have no effect on the actual target of the form.

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