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JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

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Differences between Navigator 2.0 and 3.0

C.8 Miscellaneous Changes

There have also been a few miscellaneous changes in Navigator 3.0:

  • Hypertext links created by <AREA> tags within client-side image maps create Link objects just like <A> tags do. These objects become part of the links[] array of the Document object.

  • Link objects support a new onMouseOut() event handler, triggered when the mouse passes out of the link's "hot spot" or trigger area.

  • The Document object has a new URL property which is the preferred name for what was the Document.location property. The location property is deprecated because it is too easily confused with the location property of the Window object.

  • New Plugin and MimeType objects represent installed Navigator plug-ins and MIME type data formats that are supported by the browser. These objects appear in the plugins[] and mimeTypes[] arrays of the Navigator object, and allow JavaScript programs to determine whether a particular client supports required plug-ins or data formats. Furtherore, the plugins.refresh() method of the Navigator object causes the browser to check for newly installed plug-ins and optionally reload affected web pages.

  • The javaEnabled() method of the Navigator object specifies whether Java is supported and enabled on the current platform.

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