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JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

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Differences between Navigator 2.0 and 3.0

C.7 Forms and Form Elements

There are several new features of the Form object and of the form elements that it contains in Navigator 3.0:

  • The Form object now supports a reset() method that resets the value of all elements within the form.

  • The Form object also supports a corresponding onreset() method, invoked when the form is reset by the user.

  • All form elements now have a type property that specifies what type of element they are.

  • The onclick() event handler of all form elements that support it is now cancelable--the event handler may return false to indicate that the Browser should not execute the default action for that button. This affects the Reset and Submit elements.

  • The options displayed within a Select element can now be dynamically updated by JavaScript programs. The options[] array of the Select element and its length property have special behavior that manipulates the displayed options, and the new Option() constructor allows the creation of new Option object for display within the Select element.

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