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<i> tags : The <i> Tag
id attribute (<object>) : The id and name attributes
IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) : The Internet Engineering Task Force
<iframe> tags
The <iframe> Tag
Using Inline Frames
ignored HTML tags : Ignored or Redundant Tags
<ilayer> tags
The <ilayer> Tag
Combining <layer> an...
Images Are Special
Image Maps
Inserting Images in Your Documents
Combining movie <img>...
Referencing Audio, Video, and Images
alignment of
The align attribute
background (see background attribute)
background-image property : The background-image property
borders for
The border attribute
Removing the image border
The href attribute
custom image buttons : Custom image buttons
formats for
Understanding Image Formats
in headings : Adding Images to Headings
image maps
Image Maps
The ismap and usemap attributes
Mouse-Sensitive Images
Effective Use of Mouse-Sensitive Images
<area> tag
The ismap and usemap attributes
The <area> Tag
The title attribute
<map> tags
The ismap and usemap attributes
The <map> Tag
<img> tag
Inline Images
The <img> Tag
Combining movie <img>...
emulating spacers with
Mimicking the <spacer>...
video extensions
Video Extensions
Combining movie <img>...
links and : Using Images and Links
to mark list items : The list-style-image property
performance and : Problems with background images
size of
The height and width attributes
Problems with height and width
transparent (see transparency)
wrapping text around
Wrapping text around images
importing external style sheets
Imported external style sheets
Linked Versus Imported Style Sheets
incompatibility with browsers
applets and : Supporting incompatible browsers
frames : The <noframes> Tag
JavaScript scripts : The <noscript> Tag
tables and : When tables aren't implemented
indentation : The text-indent property
inherit visibility : The visibility attribute
inheritance, styles and
Class inheritance
Property Inheritance
Inline Frames
Using Inline Frames
images : Inline Images
items : The display property
The <ilayer> Tag
Combining <layer> an...
Inline References
Inline Styles: The style Attribute
External, document-level, and inline JSS
<input> tag
Form Input Elements
Form <input> Event H...
interlacing : Interlacing, transparency, and animation
The Internet
Beneath the World Wide Web
direct connection to : Internet connection
Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) : The Internet Engineering Task Force
Internet Explorer : Video Extensions
Active technology and : Writing Applets
table extensions
Internet Explorer Table Extensions
Using column groups
Internet Protocol (see IP)
IP (Internet Protocol) : Talking the Internet Talk
IP addresses : The http server
<isindex> tag
Searchable Documents
The <isindex> Tag
Server dependencies
ismap attribute (<img>)
Image Maps
The ismap and usemap attributes
Server-Side Image Maps
The <i> Tag

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