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28.10. Repeating a Command with Copy-and-Paste

If you're using an xterm window (Section 24.20) or another type of terminal emulator with easy copy-and-paste functionality, that might be the easiest way to repeat all or part of a previous command line. Just select the part you want to copy, and paste it at a new prompt, adding any other text before and after pasting. This can be easier than using the shell's editing commands or history operators: what you see is what you get. Figure 28-1 shows copy-and-paste.[88]

[88]This is Figure 2-3 from O'Reilly & Associates' Learning the Unix Operating System, Fourth Edition.

Figure 28-1

Figure 28-1. Copying and pasting a command

You can reuse the copied text over and over, if you want; after copying it once, paste as many times and places as you need to. Also, if you've got multiple pieces of text to copy and paste, try using a scratchpad window or xclipboard (Section 5.19).

-- JP

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