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27.13. Differences Between Bourne and C Shell Quoting

This article explains quoting in C-type shells by comparing them to Bourne-type shell quoting. If you haven't read Section 27.12 about Bourne shell quoting, please do so now.

As in the Bourne shell, the overall idea of C shell quoting is this: quoting turns off (disables) the special meaning of characters. There are three quoting characters: a single quote ('), a double quote ("), and a backslash (\).

27.13.2. How Quoting Works

Table 27-2 summarizes the rules; you might want to look back at it while you read the examples.

Table 27-2. C shell quoting characters

Quoting character



Disable all special characters in xxx except !.


Disable all special characters in xxx except $, ', and !.


Disable special meaning of character x. At end of line, a \ treats the newline character like a space (continues line).

The major differences between C and Bourne shell quoting are the following:

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