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5.7. Find Out Terminal Settings with stty

Figure Go to http://examples.oreilly.com/upt3 for more information on: stty

It may hardly seem appropriate to follow Chris Torek's learned article about how stty works with some basics, but this book is designed for beginners as well as those who already know everything. :-) [Good idea, Tim. This is also a handy place to put the globe icon for the GNU version. ;^) -- JP]

So, to find out what settings your terminal line currently has, type:

% stty

For a more complete listing, type:

% stty -a

On older BSD-style systems, use stty everything instead. On most newer BSD-derived systems, stty everything and stty -a are both supported, but with slightly different output formats. The former prints a tabular layout, while the latter prints each control character setting in a name = value format.

As Jerry Peek said in an editorial aside to Chris's article, be sure to have your stty manual page handy!

--TOR and SJC

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