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0.10. Acknowledgments from the First Edition

Many people contributed to this book in many ways. I'd like to thank the following people for technical advice and assistance: for system administration help, John van Vlaanderen and Alexis Rosen. For information on alternative shells, John (again), Sean Wilson (of MKS), Ed Ravin, Mel Rappaport, and Chet Ramey. For identifying the need for a shell debugger, expertise in SunOS and system security, and, indeed, a significant portion of my career, Hal Stern. For debugger suggestions, Tan Bronson. For humanitarian aid, Jessica Lustig. And much thanks to David Korn for all kinds of great "horse's mouth" information -- and, of course, for the Korn shell itself.

Thanks to our technical reviewers: Jim Baumbach, Jim Falk, David Korn, Ed Miner, Eric Pearce, and Ed Ravin. I especially appreciate the cooperation of Ed and Ed (in that order) during my "Whaddya mean, it doesn't work?!?" phase.

Several people at O'Reilly & Associates contributed to this effort: Gigi Estabrook and Clairemarie Fisher O'Leary proofread multiple drafts of the manuscript, Kismet McDonough and Donna Woonteiler copyedited the manuscript, Len Muellner implemented the book design macro package, Jennifer Niederst designed the cover and the format of the book, and Chris Reilley created the figures. Finally, an ocean of gratitude to Mike Loukides -- editor, motivator, facilitator, constructive nit-picker, and constant voice of reason. He and the other folks at O'Reilly & Associates are some of the most innovative, interesting, and motivated people I've ever had the privilege to work with.

--Bill Rosenblatt

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