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Appendix C. Building ksh from Source Code

This appendix describes how to download binaries for ksh93, as well as how to download the source code for ksh93 and build a working version. You should do this if your system does not have ksh93 at all or if you need any of the features that are only available in the most recent releases.

C.1. Korn Shell Web Sites

The starting place for all things related to the Korn shell is http://www.kornshell.com, maintained by David Korn, with links grouped by the following topics:

Clicking this link leads to a one-page overview on the Korn shell.

Clicking this link leads to pointers to the AT&T download site (see the next section), some sample code, an online article for dtksh, and a link for tksh. These last two are described in Appendix A.

This link leads to a page with pointers to online info, including general information, man pages for both ksh88 and ksh93, books and references on the Korn shell, and papers about the Korn shell from various conferences.

A list of links to other WWW resources for ksh and many of the other shells described in Appendix A, such as bash and dtksh.

David G. Korn, the programmer, meets KoRN, the rock group. 'Nuff said.

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