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18.5 Data Keywords

Data keywords specify which parts of an SCCS file are to be retrieved and output using the -d option of the prs command.

:A: Form of what string
:B: Branch number
:BD: Body
:BF: Branch flag
:C: Comments for delta
:CB: Ceiling boundary
:D: Date delta created (:Dy:/:Dm:/:Dd: )
:Dd: Day delta created
:Dg: Deltas ignored (sequence number)
:DI: Sequence number of deltas (:Dn:/:Dx:/:Dg: )
:DL: Delta line statistics (:Li:/:Ld:/:Lu: )
:Dm: Month delta created
:Dn: Deltas included (sequence number)
:DP: Predecessor delta sequence number
:Ds: Default sid
:DS: Delta sequence number
:Dt: Delta information
:DT: Delta type
:Dx: Deltas excluded (sequence number)
:Dy: Year delta created
:F: SCCS filename
:FB: Floor boundary
:FD: File descriptive text
:FL: Flag list
:GB: Gotten body
:I: SCCS ID string (sid) (:R:.:L:.:B:.:S: )
:J: Joint edit flag
:KF: Keyword error/warning flag

Keyword validation string (not on Solaris.)

:L: Level number
:Ld: Lines deleted by delta
:Li: Lines inserted by delta
:LK: Locked releases
:Lu: Lines unchanged by delta
:M: Module name
:MF: Modification Request validation flag
:MP: Modification Request validation program name
:MR: Modification Request numbers for delta
:ND: Null delta flag
:P: Username of programmer who created delta
:PN: SCCS file pathname
:Q: User-defined keyword
:R: Release number
:S: Sequence number
:T: Time delta created (:Th:::Tm:::Ts: )
:Th: Hour delta created
:Tm: Minutes delta created
:Ts: Seconds delta created
:UN: Usernames
:W: A form of what string (:Z::M:\t:I: )
:Y: Module type flag
:Z: what string delimiter (@(#) )

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