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18.4 Identification Keywords

The following keywords may be used in an SCCS file. A get command expands these keywords to the value described.


Shorthand for providing what strings for program files: %A%  = %Z%%Y%  %M%  %I%%Z%

%B% Branch number
%C% Current line number, intended for identifying where error occurred
%D% Current date (YY/MM/DD)
%E% Date newest applied delta was created (YY/MM/DD)
%F% SCCS filename
%G% Date newest applied delta was created (MM/DD/YY)
%H% Current date (MM/DD/YY)
%I% sid of the retrieved text (%R%.%L%.%B%.%S% )
%L% Level number
%M% Module name (filename without s. prefix)
%P% Fully qualified SCCS filename

Value of string , as defined by admin -fq string

%R% Release number
%S% Sequence number
%T% Current time (HH:MM:SS)
%U% Time newest applied delta was created (HH:MM:SS)

Another shorthand like %A% ; %W% = %Z%%M% tab %I%


Module type, as defined by admin -ft type

%Z% String recognized by what ; that is, @(#)

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