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admin [options ] files

Add files to SCCS or change options of SCCS files .


-a [user | groupid ]

Assign user or groupid permission to make deltas; a ! before user or groupid denies permission. If no list is given, anyone has permission.


Encode the file contents as binary data. Files that contain ASCII NUL or other control characters, or that do not end in a newline, are automatically treated as binary files and encoded. This option is typically used together with -i . Solaris only.

-d flag

Delete flag previously set with -f . Applicable flags are:


Enable the -b option in a get command; this allows branch deltas.

c n

Set highest release to n (default is 9999).

d n

Set get 's default delta number to n .

f n

Set lowest release to n (default is 1).

i [string ]

Treat "No id keywords (ge6)" as a fatal error. string , if present, forces a fatal error if keywords do not exactly match string . Solaris does not allow you to supply a string .


Allow multiple concurrent get s.

l list

Releases in list cannot accept changes; use the letter a to specify all releases.

m name

Substitute %M% keyword with module name .


Create a null delta from which to branch.

q string

Substitute %Q% keyword with string .

t type

Substitute %Y% keyword with module type .

v [prog ]

Force delta command to prompt for modification request numbers as the reason for creating a delta. Run program prog to check for valid numbers.

-e [user | groupid ]

Permission to make deltas is denied to each user or groupid .

-f flag

Set flag (see -d above).


Check an existing SCCS file for possible corruption.

-i [file ]

Create a new SCCS file using the contents of file as the initial delta. If file is omitted, use standard input. This option implies the -n option.

-m [list ]

Insert list of modification request numbers as the reason for creating the file.


Create a new SCCS file that is empty.

-r n .n

Set initial delta to release number n . n . Default is 1.1. Can only be used with -i .

-t [file ]

Replace SCCS file description with contents of file . If file is missing, the existing description is deleted.

-y [text ]

Insert text as comment for initial delta (valid only with -i or -n ).


Recompute the SCCS file checksum and store in first line. The file should be verified first; see val .

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