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lpstat [options ]

Print the lp print queue status. With options that take a list argument, omitting the list produces all information for that option. list can be separated by commas or, if enclosed in double quotes, by spaces.


-a [list ]

Show whether the list of printer or class names is accepting requests.

-c [list ]

Show information about printer classes named in list .


Show the default printer destination.


Use after -p to show a brief printer description.

-f [list ]

Verify that the list of forms is known to lp .


Use after -f to describe available forms, after -p to show printer configurations, or after -S to describe printers appropriate for the specified character set or print wheel.

-o [list ]

Show the status of output requests. list contains printer names, class names, or request IDs.

-p [list ]

Show the status of printers named in list .


Show whether the print scheduler is on or off.


Show the job's position in the print queue.


Summarize the print status (shows almost everything).

-S [list ]

Verify that the list of character sets or print wheels is known to lp .


Show all status information (reports everything).

-u [list ]

Show request status for users on list . list can be:


user on local machine


All users on all systems

host ! user

user on machine host

host !all

All users on host

all! user

user on all systems


All users on all systems

-v [list ]

Show device associated with each printer named in list .

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