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52.9 Software Support from RTR

Ready-to-Run Software (the company that prepared the executable programs, build scripts, and patches for the Power Tools software) also provides support for the software delivered on the CD-ROM (or alternate media).

RTR will provide support for the following:

  • use of packages

  • compiling/building packages

  • installation

  • porting to unsupported platforms

You might think that because the software is free, the support ought to be, too! However, software support is time-consuming - especially for such a wide range of packages as we provide here.

Support is supplied via the Ready-to-Run CD support line at (900) 555-UNIX (8649). (The cost is $2.95 per minute.)

Fixed price support agreements are also available. Please write or fax for a price quote. (The price will depend on the platforms and packages to be supported.)

Ready-to-Run Software, Inc.
4 Pleasant Street
Forge Village, MA 01886
(978) 692-9990 (fax)

- JM

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