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Saving Time on the Command Line
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9.17 Handling Lots of Text with Temporary Files

Sometimes, you need to execute a command with a long list of files for arguments. Here's an easy way to create that list without having to type each filename yourself - put the list in a temporary file ( 21.3 ) :



ls > /tmp/mikel


vi /tmp/mikel

...edit out any files you don't want...



`cat /tmp/mikel`


rm /tmp/mikel

I added the vi step to remind you that you can edit this list; for example, you may want to delete a few files that you don't want to process.

Possible problems: if the list is long enough, you may end up with a command line that's too long for your shell to process. If this happens, use xargs ( 9.21 ) . If your system doesn't have xargs , there are other workarounds ( 9.23 ) doesn't that should solve the problem. Article 9.24 shows another way to use temporary files for commands.

- ML

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