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21.15. The Menu Widget

Create a menu with the Menu method, to be displayed later with the post method.

$menu = $parent->Menu(options)

The standard configuration options that apply to Menu are: -activebackground, -activeforeground, -background, -bg, -borderwidth, -bw, -cursor, -disabledfore-ground, -font, -foreground, -fg, -relief, and -takefocus.

Other options are:

-activeborderwidth => amount
Sets the width of the edges for the active menu item.

-menuitems => list
Specifies items to create in the menu as a list of lists.

-postcommand => callback
The command to invoke before the menu is posted. For example, to update the state of the menu items.

-tearoff => boolean
Whether to allow the menu to be "torn off." Default is 1.

-selectcolor => color
Color of the selection box for checkbuttons or radiobuttons.

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