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21.14. The Menubutton Widget

Create a menubutton with the Menubutton method. For example:

$mainwindow->Menubutton(-text => "File", 
        -menuitems => [ [ command => "New",
                            -command => \&newfile,
                          -underline => 0 ],
                           [ command => "Open",
                            -command => \&openfile,
                          -underline => 0 ],
                           [ command => "Save",
                            -command => \&savefile,
                          -underline => 0 ],
                           [ command => "SaveAs",
                            -command => \&saveasfile,
                          -underline => 4 ] ] );

The -menuitems option takes a list of lists describing the menu items. For each menu item, an embedded anonymous list describes the type of menu item, the label to use, and the action to take when it is selected along with any other options desired to configure the menu item. In this example, each of the menu items is the command type, and we use the -command option for each item to point to the callback to execute when the menu item is selected. We also use the -underline option to enable the user to select a menu item using keystrokes. (\[quotedbl]- represents a separator between menu items.)

In addition to command, other types of menus are:

Embeds a cascade menu

Treats the menu item as a checkbutton

Treats the menu item as a radiobutton

You can configure both the menu itself and the individual menu items. The configuration options that apply to Menubutton are: -activebackground, -active-foreground, -anchor, -background, -bg, -bitmap, -borderwidth, -bw, -cursor, -disa-bledforeground, -font, -foreground, -fg, -height, -highlightbackground, -high-lightcolor, -highlightthickness, -image, -justify, -padx, -pady, -relief, -state, -takefocus, -underline, -width, and -wraplength.

Other Menubutton options are:

-indicatoron => boolean
Determines whether to display an indicator.

-menu => $menu
Displays the menu associated with $menu.

-menuitems => list
Specifies items to create in the menu as a list of lists. See the description at the beginning of this section.

-tearoff => boolean
Whether to allow the menu to be "torn off." Default is 1.

-text => string
Specifies the text to display as a label for the button.

-textvariable => \$variable
Points to the variable containing text to be displayed in the menubutton. Button text will change as $variable does.

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