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8.206. Text::ParseWords

Parses lines of text and returns an array of words. Provides three functions.


old_shellwords (lines)

Splits an array of lines into words. Exported on request. Same as the pre-Perl 5 program shellwords.pl.


quotewords (delim, keep, lines)

Accepts delimiter and list of lines and breaks the lines into a list of words at occurrences of the delimiter. Exported by default. Takes the following arguments:

Delimiter, which can be a regular expression. Occurrences inside quotes are ignored.

Boolean. If false, quotes and single backslashes are removed from the list of words returned, and a double backslash is returned as a single backslash. If true, quotes and backslashes are retained.

The list of lines to be parsed.


shellwords (lines)

Works like old_shellwords, but does not default to using $_ if there is no argument. Exported by default.

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