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8.205. Text::Balanced

Extracts delimited text sequences from strings. It implements various extract_-named subroutines to capture the delimited string.

In a list context, all Text::Balanced methods return a list that contains the extracted string with delimiters, the remainder of the string, and the parts of the string that were skipped. Text::Balanced is shipped with the Perl source kit as of 5.8.

Text::Balanced implements the following methods.


extract_bracketed(text, delimiter)

Extracts the initial substring of textthat is bracketed with delimiters specified by delimiter. Note that delimiter should contain one of (), {}, [], or <>.


extract_codeblock(text, delimiter)

Extracts the initial substring of textthat represents a block of Perl code. This code is specified by delimiter, which contains one of (), {}, [], or <>.


extract_delimited(text, delimiter)

Extracts the initial substring of textthat is delimited by two instances of delimiter.


extract_multple(text ...)

Extracts the initial substrings of textthat would be extracted by one or more sequential applications of the specified functions.



Extracts the quoted portion of text.


extract_tagged(text, "TAG1", "TAG2", undef, nesting_allowed)

Extracts the initial substring of textthat is bounded by an HTML or XML tag:

# Extract HTML tags but don't allow <HTML> to be embedded
($extracted, $left) =
extract_multiple($text, ...)


Creates a string that represents the optimized pattern that matches a substring delimited by q{ pattern}.

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