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pod2fm [




Translates pod to FrameMaker format.


-book [ bookname ]

If set, creates FrameMaker book file. If not specified, bookname defaults to perl ; filename extension is .book in either case.

-[ no ]doc

Whether to convert a MIF-format .doc output file to binary FrameMaker format. Default is -doc .

-format type

Which format to copy from the template document specified with the -template option. Type can be a comma-separated list, and -format can also be specified more than once. Legal types are:

Type Description
all All types (the default)
Character Character formats
Paragraph Paragraph formats
Page Master page layouts
Reference Reference page layouts
Table Table formats
Variables Variable definitions
Math Math definitions
Cross Cross-reference definitions
Color Color definitions

Conditional text definitions


Preserves page breaks; controls how the other types are used


Preserves other format changes; controls how the other types are used

-[ no ]index

Whether to generate an index. Defaults to -noindex .

-[ no ]lock

Whether to lock file as read-only so you can use hypertext marker feature. Defaults to -nolock .

-[ no ]mmlonly

Whether to stop execution after generating the MML version of the file. Default is -nommlonly .

-[ no ]open

Whether to try to open the book after creating it; requires the -book option.

-template document

Specifies a template document for pod2fm to copy a format for use in formatting the output. document is the path to the template document.

-[ no ]toc

Whether to generate a table of contents. Defaults to -notoc .