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perldoc [




Formats and displays Perl pod documentation. Extracts the documentation from pod format and displays it. For all options except -f , docname is the name of the manpage, module, or program containing pod to be displayed. For -f , it's the name of a built-in Perl function to be displayed.


-f function

Formats and displays documentation for the specified Perl function.


Displays help message.


Displays full path to the module.


Displays entire module, both code and pod text, without formatting the pod.


Displays using text formatter instead of nroff. Faster, but output is less fancy.


Unformatted. Finds and displays the document without formatting it.


Verbose. Describes search for the file, showing directories searched and where file was found.

perldoc applies switches found in the PERLDOC environment variable before those from the command line. It searches directories specified by the PERL5LIB, PERLLIB (if PERL5LIB isn't defined), and PATH environment variables.