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Advanced Programming Perl

Examples for Advanced Perl Programming

Chapter 2: Implementing Complex Data Structures
2.4 Pass the Envelope (oscar.pl)
2.4 Pass the Envelope (oscar.txt)
2.5 Pretty-Printing (pretty_print.pl)
2.5 Pretty-Printing (dumpvar.pl)

Chapter 4: Subroutine References and Closures
Example 4.4: Closures Sharing Variables (even_odd.pl)
Example 4.5: A Random-Number-Generating Stream (rand.pl)

Chapter 5: Eval
Example 5.1: eval.pl (eval.pl)
Example 5.3: col: A Script to Extract Columns from a File (col.pl)

Chapter 6: Modules
Example 6.1: Environment.pm: Create Variables Corresponding to Environment Variables (Environment.pm)

Chapter 8: Object Orientation: The Next Few Steps

Chapter 9: Tie
9.1.1 Example: Stopwatch (Stopwatch.pm)
9.2.1 TIEARRAY Example: File as an Array (TieFile.pm)
9.5 Example: Monitoring Variables (Monitor.pm)
9.5 Example: Monitoring Variables (monitor_demo.pl)

Chapter 10: Persistence

Chapter 13: Networking: Implementing RPC

Chapter 14: User Interfaces with Tk
14.3.4 Canvas (canvas.pl)
14.3.6 Listbox (listbox.pl)
14.3.8 Menus (menu.pl)
14.3.9 Scrollbars and Scrolling (scroll_test.pl)
14.3.10 Scale (scale.pl)
14.3.11 HList (hlist.pl)
Example 14.7: Directory Browser Built Using an HList Widget (folder.xbm)
Example 14.7: Directory Browser Built Using an HList Widget (open_folder.xbm)

Chapter 15: GUI Example: Tetris
15.1 Introduction to Tetris (tetris.pl)

Chapter 16: GUI Example: Man Page Viewer
16.1 man and perlman (perlman.pl)

Chapter 17: Template-Driven Code Generation
Jeeves Example (Jeeves)

Chapter 18: Extending Perl:A First Course

Chapter 19: Embedding Perl:The Easy Way

Chapter 20: Perl Internals
20.3.6 Magic Variables (Magic.c, Magic.pm, Magic.xs, typemap)