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20.8 Resources

These are the places to go trolling for further information, should this chapter not slake your thirst:

  1. perlguts documentation. Jeff Okamoto and others.

    The perlguts documentation, along with perlembed and perlcall , is a fairly exhaustive source of information. The API reference in this document contains many more functions and macros than are covered in this chapter.

  2. Perl 5 Porters news gateway and archive.

    The perl.porters-gw Usenet newsgroup is a gateway to the p5p mailing list, where vigorous discussions of Perl internals overshadow porting issues. Archived articles can be searched at http://www.rosat.mpe-garching.mpg.de/mailing-lists/Perl5-Porters/

  3. XS Cookbooks. Dean Roehrich.

    These cookbooks, available from CPAN (look under the authors/Dean_Roehrich directory), provide solutions to a number of sample problems covering all XS features.

  4. sfio (Safe/Fast I/O Library). David Korn and Kiem-Phong Vo.

    Faster, extensible, and an overall better alternative to stdio , with backward compliance to stdio . Works only on Unix. Get it from CPAN's Misc directory, or check the following URL for a summary: http://www.research.att.com/sw/tools/reuse/packages/sfio.html

  5. Perl compiler. Fetch from CPAN's authors/Malcolm_Beattie/ directory.

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