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4.7 NDS Utility Package

To make it easier for my readers to take advantage of the various generic utilities discussed in this chapter, I have created a single package called ndsutil. This package, available on the companion disk in ndsutil.pkg, contains the programs listed in Table 4.1 .

Table 4.1: Contents of the NDS Utility Package




Substitute for EXECUTE IMMEDIATE that does not need a USING or INTO clause; includes error handling.


Substitute for OPEN FOR that does not need a USING clause; includes error handling.


Shows the contents of a single column in the specified table.


Returns the number of rows in the specified table, with an optional WHERE clause.


Returns the number of rows in the specified table for a particular GROUP BY expression, with an optional HAVING clause.


Executes a dynamic PL/SQL string, automatically making sure that it is a valid block and that it ends in a semicolon. The USING clause is not allowed.

The package is defined using the invoker rights mode (AUTHID CURRENT_USER). This means that no matter who owns the package, any external references in the dynamic SQL you execute via ndsutil are resolved according to the authority of the invoking schema, not the owner.

All programs contain exception sections that display the error and the offending SQL. Procedures then reraise the error, whereas functions generally return NULL or a NULL/empty structure.

TIP: I am sure there are many programs you can add to this package. Please post any additions to the PL/SQL Pipeline at http://www.revealnet.com/plsql-pipeline , in the Pipetalk area. Then we can all gain from your experience and creativity!

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