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Index: H

hash functions: 3.2.3. Hash Functions CRC-32
pre-image-resistance: 3.2.3. Hash Functions
HAUTH process: Hostbased authentication
heavy debugging, compile-time configuration: Debug output
hexadecimal values, in SSH configuration files: Port number and network interface
hierarchical realms and Kerberos-4: Kerberos-4 compatibility mode in Kerberos-5
hijacking of connections: 3.10.3. Connection Hijacking
hmac-sha1: 3.5.1. Protocol Differences (SSH-1 Versus SSH-2)
home directory
permissions: Acceptable permissions for user files
security: 10.7. Remote Home Directories (NFS, AFS)
$HOME environment variable: 1.4.1. Secure Remote Logins
Host: Configuration file sections
using to create nicknames for hosts: Making nicknames for hosts
host-based authentication
recommended setting: 10.7.1. NFS Security Risks
SSH-2: Hostbased authentication
X Windows: How X authentication works
host keys: 2.3.1. Known Hosts
3.3. The Architecture of an SSH System Host keys
generating: ssh-keygen
as ordinary user: 5.2.2. Running as an Ordinary User
for server: 5.4.4. Server Key Generation
load-balanced servers, problems caused by: Host keys
multiple keys per name, SSH1: Host keys
SSH servers vs. hosts, assignment to: 3.1.3. Authentication
host lists: Control file details
host specification: Configuration file sections
with wildcards: Multiple matches
HostDsaKey: Host key files
HostKey: Host key files
HostKeyFile: Host key files
hostkeys directories: 7.4.3. Host Keys and Known-Hosts Databases
hostkeys map, SSH2: Host keys
HostName: Making nicknames for hosts
hostname links: 2.7.3. Hostname Links
4.5.1. The /usr/hosts Directory
identification: 2.3.1. Known Hosts
loopback addresses: Access control and the loopback address
hosts.allow: 9.4. Forwarding Security: TCP-wrappers and libwrap
9.4.1. TCP-wrappers Configuration
9.4.2. Notes About TCP-wrappers
hosts.deny: 9.4. Forwarding Security: TCP-wrappers and libwrap
hosts.equiv: Trusted-host access files shosts access control
recommended setup: 10.3.1. Disable Other Means of Access
syntax: Control file details

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