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8.4. Error Responses

Table 8-2 shows the error responses that a device might return while executing the commands presented in this chapter. Consult your local documentation if these explanations do not cover your exact problem.

Table 8-2. Error Response Table

Server Responded with


Contained under subtree
snmpwalk returns this error if you have tried going down a MIB and are already at the end, or if the tree doesn't exist on the client.

No response arrived before timeout
Possible causes include invalid community name, agent is not running, or the node is inaccessible.

Agent reported error with variable
You are trying to set to an object with a datatype that is not the same as (or close to) the variable's specified type. For example, if the variable wants a DisplayString, you'll get this error if you send it an INTEGER. Read through the MIB to see what SYNTAX type the variable needs.

Missing instance value 
for . . . 
When you are setting a value, you must supply the entire OID and instance. A scalar object will end with zero (0) and a tabular object will end with the instance number of the object in a table. Verify that the instance number you're using with snmpget is correct and retry your set.

Access is denied for variable
This may happen if you are trying to set a value on a read-only object. Review the MIB to see what the object's ACCESS setting is.

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