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4.4. In the End

You may have been purchasing SNMP-compatible devices for years without knowing it. As SNMP has become more popular, it has been incorporated into more and more devices. SNMP compatibility has become a true selling point for most vendors.

It goes without saying that most network devices support SNMP, including routers, bridges, hubs, servers, and desktop PCs.[16] However, many other kinds of equipment are also manageable via SNMP, including uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), air-conditioning units, and other important pieces of your infrastructure. After you identify which routers and hubs are SNMP-compatible, keep your eyes open for other devices that may need to be managed. While SNMP is very good at managing your network, hosts, hubs, and routers, it's not limited to only your networking environment.

[16]Low-end hubs, switches, and routers designed for home use probably won't support SNMP. Hubs and switches that support SNMP usually are advertised as "manageable" and usually cost significantly more. For routers, you'll have to read the literature carefully.

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