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D. Sun Enhancements

Sun Microsystems has adopted V8.6 as its standard version of sendmail as of Solaris 2.5. It will adopt V8.8 when it releases Solaris 2.7. Here, we cover Sun's enhancements to V8.8 as planned for Solaris 2.7.

Sun Microsystems has modified V8.7 sendmail to meet three internal requirements. Each new release of Sun supported sendmail must do the following:

  • Be backward compatible with old, user configuration files

  • Support the advantages of Sun's operating system, such as NIS+

  • Allow for easy administration by naive system administrators

To meet these requirements, Sun adopted use of the V configuration command (see Section 27.5, "The V Configuration Command" ) to indicate to sendmail how the sendmail.cf file should be handled. V1/Sun and V7/Sun[1] are the two available versions. They are mutually exclusive, which is to say that features that are available with one are not available with the other. The only exception to this is a feature that is available to both V1/Sun and V7/Sun, the Content-Length: header (see Section 35.10.7, Content-Length: ). This is used to support Sun's MUA.

[1] Note that V7/Sun will be available only with Solaris 2.7. If your release of the operating system is earlier than Solaris 2.7, and if you wish to take advantage of new features and capabilities, you should obtain the V8.8 release from Berkeley (see Section 18.3, "Obtain the Source" ).

D.1 Sun Enhancements

Sun Microsystems has enhanced V8.7 sendmail by adding two new configuration commands and introducing a few new macros. These enhancements are enabled when V7/Sun is in your configuration file. The V7/Sun enhancements are shown in Table 38.4 .

Table D.1: V7/Sun Enhancements
What Description

The G configuration command (see Section 38.17, "L and G Configuration Commands" ) is supported as a way to initialize class macros from an external file or NIS+ database.


The L configuration command (see Section 38.17 ) is supported as a way to initialize defined macros from an external file or NIS+ database.


The name of the local mail hub (if there is one).

Note that you cannot simply add V6/Sun to the top of your old configuration file to get these new enhancements. Instead, you must use the configuration file supplied by Sun that already contains the V6/Sun declaration.

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