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11.9. Macros

Command Action
:ab in out

Use in as abbreviation for out.

:unab in Remove abbreviation for in.
:ab List abbreviations.
:map c sequence

Map character c as sequence of commands.

:unmap c Disable map for character c.
:map List characters that are mapped.
:map! c sequence Map character c to input mode sequence.
:unmap! c

Disable input mode map (you may need to quote the character with Ctrl-V).

:map! List characters that are mapped to input mode.

The following characters are unused in command mode and can be mapped as user-defined commands:


g K q V v

Control keys:

^K ^O ^T ^W ^X


_ * \ =


The = is used by vi if LISP mode is set. Different versions of vi may use some of these characters, so test them before using them.

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