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Java in a Nutshell

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The java.beans Package

23.6 java.beans.FeatureDescriptor (JDK 1.1)

The FeatureDescriptor class is the base class for MethodDescriptor and PropertyDescriptor, as well as other classes used by the JavaBeans introspection mechanism. It provides basic information about a feature (method, property, event, etc.) of a bean. Typically, the methods that begin with get and is are used by application builders or other tools to query the features of a bean. The set methods, on the other hand, may be used by bean authors to define information about the bean.

setName() specifies the locale-independent, programmatic name of the feature. setDisplayName() specifies a localized, human-readable name. setShortDescription() specifies a short localized string (about 40 characters) that describes the feature. Both the short description and the localized name default to the value of the programmatic name. setExpert() and setHidden() allow you to indicate that the feature is for use only by experts, or for use only by the builder tool, and should be hidden from users of the builder. Finally, the setValue() method allows you to associate an arbitrary named value with the feature.

public class FeatureDescriptor extends Object {
    // Public Constructor
            public FeatureDescriptor();
    // Public Instance Methods
            public Enumeration attributeNames();
            public String getDisplayName();
            public String getName();
            public String getShortDescription();
            public Object getValue(String attributeName);
            public boolean isExpert();
            public boolean isHidden();
            public void setDisplayName(String displayName);
            public void setExpert(boolean expert);
            public void setHidden(boolean hidden);
            public void setName(String name);
            public void setShortDescription(String text);
            public void setValue(String attributeName, Object value);

Extended By:

BeanDescriptor, EventSetDescriptor, MethodDescriptor, ParameterDescriptor, PropertyDescriptor

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