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Java in a Nutshell

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The java.beans Package

23.5 java.beans.EventSetDescriptor (JDK 1.1)

An EventSetDescriptor object is a type of FeatureDescriptor that describes a single set of events supported by a Java bean. A "set" of events corresponds to the one or more methods supported by a single EventListener interface. The BeanInfo class for a Java bean optionally creates EventSetDescriptor objects to describe the event sets the bean supports. Typically, only application builders and similar tools use the get and is methods of EventSetDescriptor objects to obtain the event-set description information.

To create an EventSetDescriptor object, you must specify the class of the bean that supports the event set, the base name of the event set, the class of the EventListener interface that corresponds to the event set, and the methods within this interface that are invoked when particular events within the set occur. Optionally, you may also specify the methods of the bean class that are used to add and remove EventListener objects. The various constructors allow you to specify methods by name, as java.lang.reflect.Method objects, or as MethodDescriptor objects.

Once you have created an EventSetDescriptor, you can use setUnicast() to specify whether it represents a unicast event and setInDefaultEventSet() to specify whether the event set should be treated as the default event set by builder applications. The methods of the FeatureDescriptor superclass allow additional information about the property to be specified.

public class EventSetDescriptor extends FeatureDescriptor {
    // Public Constructors
            public EventSetDescriptor(Class sourceClass, String eventSetName, Class listenerType,
            public EventSetDescriptor'u'String listenerMethodName) throws IntrospectionException;
            public EventSetDescriptor(Class sourceClass, String eventSetName, Class listenerType,
            public EventSetDescriptor'u'String[] listenerMethodNames, String addListenerMethodName
            public EventSetDescriptor'u'String removeListenerMethodName) throws IntrospectionException;
            public EventSetDescriptor(String eventSetName, Class listenerType, Method[] listenerMethods,
            public EventSetDescriptor'u'Method addListenerMethod, Method removeListenerMethod)
            public EventSetDescriptor'u'throws IntrospectionException;
            public EventSetDescriptor(String eventSetName, Class listenerType,
            public EventSetDescriptor'u'MethodDescriptor[] listenerMethodDescriptors, Method addListenerMethod,
            public EventSetDescriptor'u'Method removeListenerMethod) throws IntrospectionException;
    // Public Instance Methods
            public Method getAddListenerMethod();
            public MethodDescriptor[] getListenerMethodDescriptors();
            public Method[] getListenerMethods();
            public Class getListenerType();
            public Method getRemoveListenerMethod();
            public boolean isInDefaultEventSet();
            public boolean isUnicast();
            public void setInDefaultEventSet(boolean inDefaultEventSet);
            public void setUnicast(boolean unicast);



Returned By:

BeanInfo.getEventSetDescriptors(), SimpleBeanInfo.getEventSetDescriptors()

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