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Java in a Nutshell

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The java.awt Package

18.6 java.awt.BorderLayout (JDK 1.0)

This class implements the LayoutManager interface to lay out Component objects in a Container. The BorderLayout arranges components that have been added to their Container (using the Container.add() method) with the names "North," "South," "East," "West," and "Center." These named components are arranged along the edges and in the center of the container. The hgap and vgap arguments to the BorderLayout constructor specify the desired horizontal and vertical spacing between adjacent components.

Note that applications should never call the LayoutManager methods of this class directly; the Container for which the BorderLayout is registered does this.

public class BorderLayout extends Object implements LayoutManager2, Serializable {
    // Public Constructors
            public BorderLayout();
            public BorderLayout(int hgap, int vgap);
    // Constants
        1.1 public static final String CENTER;
        1.1 public static final String EAST;
        1.1 public static final String NORTH;
        1.1 public static final String SOUTH;
        1.1 public static final String WEST;
    // Public Instance Methods
        1.1 public void addLayoutComponent(Component comp, Object constraints);  // From LayoutManager2
        #   public void addLayoutComponent(String name, Component comp);  // From LayoutManager
        1.1 public int getHgap();
        1.1 public float getLayoutAlignmentX(Container parent);  // From LayoutManager2
        1.1 public float getLayoutAlignmentY(Container parent);  // From LayoutManager2
        1.1 public int getVgap();
        1.1 public void invalidateLayout(Container target);  // From LayoutManager2
         public void layoutContainer(Container target);  // From LayoutManager
        1.1 public Dimension maximumLayoutSize(Container target);  // From LayoutManager2
         public Dimension minimumLayoutSize(Container target);  // From LayoutManager
         public Dimension preferredLayoutSize(Container target);  // From LayoutManager
         public void removeLayoutComponent(Component comp);  // From LayoutManager
        1.1 public void setHgap(int hgap);
        1.1 public void setVgap(int vgap);
         public String toString();  // Overrides Object


Object->BorderLayout(LayoutManager2(LayoutManager), Serializable)

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