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Java in a Nutshell

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The java.awt Package

18.5 java.awt.Adjustable (JDK 1.1)

This interface defines the methods that should be implemented by an object that maintains a user-adjustable numeric value. This value has a specified minimum and maximum value, and it may be incremented or decremented either a unit at a time or a block at a time. An Adjustable object generates an AdjustmentEvent when it is adjusted, and it maintains a list of AdjustmentListener objects interested in being notified when such an event occurs.

This interface abstracts the essential functionality of the Scrollbar component.

public abstract interface Adjustable {
    // Constants
            public static final int HORIZONTAL;
            public static final int VERTICAL;
    // Public Instance Methods
            public abstract void addAdjustmentListener(AdjustmentListener l);
            public abstract int getBlockIncrement();
            public abstract int getMaximum();
            public abstract int getMinimum();
            public abstract int getOrientation();
            public abstract int getUnitIncrement();
            public abstract int getValue();
            public abstract int getVisibleAmount();
            public abstract void removeAdjustmentListener(AdjustmentListener l);
            public abstract void setBlockIncrement(int b);
            public abstract void setMaximum(int max);
            public abstract void setMinimum(int min);
            public abstract void setUnitIncrement(int u);
            public abstract void setValue(int v);
            public abstract void setVisibleAmount(int v);

Implemented By:


Passed To:

AdjustmentEvent(), ScrollPanePeer.setUnitIncrement(), ScrollPanePeer.setValue()

Returned By:

AdjustmentEvent.getAdjustable(), ScrollPane.getHAdjustable(), ScrollPane.getVAdjustable()

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